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ShantiRoom owner Trine Højgaard, is an avid world traveller and passionate Danish entrepeneur with many diverse talents. 

After graduating the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design in Copenhagen in 1996, studying clothing design, she spent several years in the Danish and international fashion industry.

Longing for a change in her professional life she ventured to New Delhi, India, where she studied the ancient science of Ayurveda, along with other beauty treatments and techniques. 

ShantiRoom opened its doors in 2010, originally as a treatment center and later, in 2014, developing the space into a popular rental location.

Trine harbours a great love of aesthetics and attention to detail. Fascinated by the idea of creating something from scratch and developing it into perfection, be it interior or clothing design or other creative endavours, this is what Trine truly burns for.

She loves to travel, collecting inspiration from around the world while re-charging her batteries and enjoying the sun, especially during the Danish winter months.


SHANTI, from the ancient language of Sanskrit means Peace. Through the design of our beautiful, serene atmosphere and the personal service provided, we hope to help you find peace of mind in the middle of Central Copenhagen. Our goal is for you to feel completely at peace in our rooms, therefore the name ShantiRoom.

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