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Prices on bookings are depending of how big the event is and what premisses you need.

Please sent me a message (click contact formular) with all the details of your event and I will get back to you

I am aiming to be your perfect host and to make sure that all will be in perfect shape for your event

All bookings are made by contract unless you are booking shantiroom through another website. If you book directly with shantiroom you pay 50% upfront to secure your booking.

If the booking is cancelled the upfront payments will not be payed back. There is an oppertunity to change dates just one time. Only under serious circumstances as illness or force majour the dates can be changed more than only one time. That will include to show a doctors signature etc.

Between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm the timeframe of booking is minimum 4 hours. After 5 am it's possible to book less hours.

All bookings are including tea/coffee and final cleaning. If you book more than one day the cleaning will be done after your complete booking has finished. In between cleaning and during you booking is poosible for an extra cleaning fee.

The "houserules" of shantiroom is basically that you leave shantiroom as you received it.

I'm looking forward to be at your assistance.

Warm regards

Trine Højgaard

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