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ShantiRoom, located in the heart of Copenhagen, is the perfect location for any event; business meetings, educational courses, meditation, restorative yoga and other workshops.

ShantiRooms beautiful and tranquil universe is in the middle of the city, only 100 meters from City Hall.


 The location is aprox 130 m2, perfectly suited for bigger events, capable of hosting up to 40 people depending on the occasion.


 The location exude a feeling of calm with beautiful Eastern-inspired interior design, aiming to make you feel at ease and at home, our goal at ShantiRoom.


Shantiroom have exposed woodwork and everything is painted white from floor to ceiling, creating a comfortable and spacious feel.




We offer:

1. Wardrobe

2. Large, fully equipped kitchen, including Nespresso machine, refrigerator and dishwasher

3. Meeting and/or dining area, 1 big table seating max 10 people. More tables can be arranged for bigger events. We can accommodate up to 40 people with several smaller tables.

4. Toilet fascilities

5. Lounge area

6. We also have 40 chairs, 22 yoga mats 16 blankets, pillows and blocks, 3 massage beds and chairs available

8. Whiteboard

9. Projector installed for both Mac and Pc

10. Free Wi-Fi



SHANTI, from the ancient language of Sanskrit means Peace. Through the design of our beautiful, serene atmosphere and the personal service provided, we hope to help you find peace of mind in the middle of Central Copenhagen. Our goal is for you to feel completely at peace in our rooms, therefore the name ShantiRoom.

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